Monday, April 14, 2008

Convention 2008

Wow, what a big event! The Stampin' Up! Convention was held over 2 days (11t and 12th April) and it was packed full of information and fun.

I've got lots to share with you about Convention but I don't have all my photographs sorted out just yet.

To start with, I'll just share some group photos with you.

The Paper Angels Group (hope you don't mind me posting your photos girls!)  These photos were taken at the end of the Awards Night Dinner.  We had a lovely time and 3 of the ladies in our group won awards.  In fact, our lovely leader Liz, won SEVERAL awards and is among the top 25 demonstrators in Australia - well done Liz!!!  Well done to Kathy and Helen also.

Orrell and I.  Orrell only joined Stampin' Up! in February so Convention was hopefully a great experience for her to have so early on.  Thanks for being there with me Rel!

Liz and I.  Liz is a wonderful team leader and we all enjoyed ourselves at Convention.  

A picture of some of our team - we're all wearing the gorgeous necklaces that Kathy and Liz made for us.  I will post a close up pic of the necklace later on.  You can also see one HERE on Liz's blog.

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