Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Visitors

Hi Everyone!

You know, I used to wonder sometimes if anyone even read this blog - I really only knew if someone left a comment or if a friend or customer told me in person that they read it.

I recently installed a little widget called Feedjit and it shows me where all my blog visitors come from - it is amazing to see just how many people do visit this blog!  It doesn't tell me WHO you are, just where you came from - which country, whether you landed here direct or came via another website - it is so cool!  Check it out on the left hand side of my blog and click on "view in real time" to see details.

If you are a visitor to my blog who doesn't usually leave a comment - could you leave one here just to say hi?  That would be cool!



Anonymous said...

I would be one of those guilty visitors who doesn't comment. I'm from Ontario, Canada. I love your site, lots of great ideas! I visit almost daily, I'm new to selling stampin up, and I'm constantly looking for new ideas.

Lyn said...

I've just discovered your blog, through a link from another Aussie demonstrator's blog. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous. I just love the Season of Joy set, it's my all time favourite Christmas stamps.
Lyn from Perth.

Karen said...

Hi Bec - this is the first time I have visited your blog and your work is just lovely!!! Thanks for sharing it with us all and you can "bet your booties" I'll be back! lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Bec, My first time on your blog. I'm a SU Demo looking for SU blogs that will inspire me and you have just been added to my favorites list:) Michelle

Sandra Wetzel said...

I love your blog and visit about once a week to check out what you have been making. I often get inspiration from your work and it is good to case usually not exactly however sometimes............ I am part of liz's team and live in Griffith NSW.
Thanks Bec keep up the good work.

Rebecca Ross said...

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment - so lovely to "meet" you! I hope to keep my blog updated a little more regularly and to give you plenty of stuff to make it worth your while to come back and visit again!


Chrissie said...

I love your blog Bec... I come here often and try to comment when I can! Thanks for inspiring me!

Louise said...

Hi Bec! I am another new SU Demo also in Brisbane, who has stumbled across your wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Added to my favourites list too!