Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rest of my trip

Friday morning was really fun with swapping and make and takes.

Here's Liz swapping her lovely Christmas ornaments with Vanessa who made nifty decorations with the pennant die.

Here's my table for the make and takes. We made some lovely projects with a new stamp set from the upcoming Summer mini catalogue.

The husbands amused themselves for the morning - some went to play golf, others went bushwalking (like Matt did) or just chilled out by the pool.

I spent the afternoon lazing by a pool with Liz and our hubbies having a cocktail and reading trashy mags. :-)

Dinner that night was lovely! The Italian restaurant at the Marina was great.

On Saturday Liz and I and our respective husbands went for a visit to the air traffic control tower! My husband is an air traffic controller in Brisbane and knows the controller on Hamilton so we went to say hi.

It was really cool to spend some time in the tower watching the planes and helicopters come and go and to see the controller doing his thing. Although its probably one of the shortest towers around, it still had lovely views.

After the visit to the tower we grabbed some gourmet picnic hampers from the hotel and went off in one of the gold buggies to have our lunch. Check out the scenery!

Later that afternoon we gathered in the hotel bar to find out our activity for that evening. It was kind of like a treasure hunt! We were put into teams of 4 (there's our buggy buddies in the photo above!) and sent off in golf buggies to hunt down the answers to a bunch of questions and clues. As we drove around the island we stopped at various locations where a Stampin Up staff member gave us prizes - whoo hoo!

The very last clue we found gave us the location of our farewell dinner - the beautiful new Yacht Club. Absolutely gorgeous! We had some pre-dinner drinks and nibblies and then went inside to see...
...the beautiful table settings - lovely! The dinner was by far one of the best meals I have ever had - every element was just perfect. A beautiful ending to a dream get-away.