Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ribbon Tying Tutorial

I'm often asked how I tie my ribbons so neatly on my cards and scrapbook pages. I also often end up tying other people's ribbons for them at workshops and classes so I thought I'd better put a tutorial on the blog.

This tutorial illustrates how I tie ribbons such as the one on this card:

The first step is to cut your ribbon pieces. You will need one piece slightly longer than the width of your card. The second piece needs to be about 12cm - you need it long enough to handle and can trim it later.

The next step is to tie the shorter length of ribbon around the longer length.

This will usually make the longer piece of ribbon look a bit wonky so pull it's ends to straighten it.

Pull the ends of the shorter piece so that they both point downwards.

Turn it over so that you see the neater side of the "bow".

Trim the ends to a suitable length. I like to trim them on an angle. It helps prevent fraying and I like how it looks.

You can slide the "bow" along the long piece of ribbon to any position you like.

I like to use mini glue dots to adhere my ribbon to my card. I usually put one glue dot at each end and one under the centre of the bow.


Melanie said...

Cute idea! I really like the way that your bows look.

KT said...

Love your tutorials! They're so helpful - thank you ;-)