Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toby's Hospital Visit

What an action packed couple of days we've had!

I had planned to post pictures of the cards we were making at my Monday Night Masterclass but unfortunately I had to cancel the class at the last minute. I will post pics though after I've rescheduled the class.

On Monday morning I took the boys to the GP to have a look at Toby (my 3yr old) who was a bit "wheezy". Upon examining him the GP put him straight onto a nebuliser and called an ambulance!!

By the time the ambos arrived Toby's breathing was much better and there was much debate about how to get him to the hospital. The ambulance was apparently unable to transport all 3 of us (myself, Toby and Owen who is 16 months) due to lack of safe restraints. In the end it was decided that since his breathing was really pretty good I would drive them to the Royal Children's Hospital myself. Toby was a bit disappointed he didn't get to ride in the ambulance! Kids!

So we arrived at the emergency department and they gave him more ventilin and steroids. We were not allowed to leave the hospital until he could last 3 hours without Ventilin. He kept making it to about 2 hours and in the end we had to stay overnight. As you can imagine it was really not fun. Those recliner chairs may look comfy but they are really not nice to sleep in!
Not that I got much sleeping done - Emergency departments are sure noisy in the middle of the night! LOL!

We were finally able to leave around 10.30am the next day (Tuesday). Toby is now perfectly fine but we've been sent home with an Asthma management plan (even though he's not actually been diagnosed with Asthma yet) and a Ventilin Puffer.

So sorry there are no pics from my Monday night class but I promise I'll post them once we've rescheduled. And thank you to the ladies who were so understanding about the cancellation.

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Robyn said...

That would have been a very worrying time for you! Glad it all turned out ok!