Monday, August 6, 2012

Back from Scrap Camp!

I've just spend a great weekend at a scrapbooking camp, mind you, I am feeling pretty tired now!  I really need to sleep more when I go to these camps. :-)

I don't have any photos of the layouts I created just yet, I hope to get time to take photos of them tomorrow.  But here's a pic of my bags packed and ready to go on Friday! Packing is the hardest part, deciding what to take with me as there's just not room to take everything ;-)

My strategy is to do a bit of preparation before I go.  I choose the photos I want to scrap and gt them printed. Then I put them into 12x12 packets with some DSPs and card stock that I think will work with each set of photos.  I don't spend too much time working it out - just grab what I think will work with the colours.  Then I pack all the rest - matching card stock, accessories, tools etc that I will need to go with those packets I've put together.  This prevents me feeling like I need to take everything.

The great thing about camps is there is bound to be someone else there who has just the right stamp, piece of card stock, embellishment etc if you have not brought yours.  Its a great caring and sharing environment :-)  I was very pleased to be able to give a few people something from my stash that could help them with their pages on the weekend.

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Susan Ko said...

...was hoping you would post up some pics of your layouts!! ;-)