Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sending Love

Hi friends, Sorry about the long gap between blog posts! If you follow my facebook page you'll know I'm still active and sharing stuff there, its just the poor old blog that gets bumped to the bottom of my to-do list all the time, sorry.  I wonder if anyone still checks here! hehehe

 Do you "do Valentine's Day"?? I know so many people here who really don't. I know we sure don't do it like the Americans. They send little valentines to lots of people, the kids hand them out to all their classmates etc. Here we tend to just give one card and gift to our significant other... but there's really no reason we couldn't share the love a bit more with all our friends.

I decided to make a bunch of Valentine's cards and send them in to my hubby's work. I figure it would just be something nice to do for his workmates. They can just take a lovely, handmade card home and give it to their loved one. I'm also thinking I might do up some little chocolate treats for them too. Here is the first little batch of cards I've made:

Can you believe this card has NO STAMPING!!??  Well, I did stamp on the back of the card and on the envelope, but the card itself has no stamping on the front.

Here's what I've used:

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