Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Actual Stamping Space

I tidied up my stamping space today after having everything out in the dining room for the last week for Open Stampin Night and when I've had friends over to stamp. Now that everything is back in it's place, I decided to take some photos to share with you.

This first photo shows my stamp storage. I have all my stamp sets in these drawers. Each draw has a label on it such as "Wheels", "Hostess Sets", "Large Sets" etc. I picked these drawers up at The Warehouse for about $40.

This second photo shows my paper storage. I bought these hanging files from Ikea. I can't remember how much I paid but it was pretty cheap. I have my paper organised by colour family. On the right side you can see my ribbon storage. It just needs to be mounted on the wall.

This last photo shows my actual space where I stamp. This is the right hand side of the large bench in our study. The left side is for the computer. I got the shelves from Ikea. Don't you just love Ikea??? If you have any questions, just post it in the comments section.

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