Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blog Award

Holy Moly, I've been nominated for a blog award - twice! Cool huh?  Both Jenni and Carol have passed this award on to me.  I feel a bit of a fraud since I haven't been updating the blog as often as many other stampin' bloggers do...but I'll accept it anyway! LOL!
Thanks Jenni and Carol!!

Now I need to award it to 5 other bloggers, so here's a list of them for you to check out:

Liz - Liz is the leader of our team the Paper Angels.  She's a busy, busy woman but when she has time to update her blog she posts absolutely BEAUTIFUL creations.  Liz has a real talent for "off the page" projects and home decor type stuff.  Wait til I post a pic of the GORGEOUS journal she gave me (and other members of her team) for Christmas.

Ursula - Ursula is SUPER creative and always comes up with interesting ideas like dying the pearls from the Pretties Kit and making funky jewellery.  

Bell - Bell is my newest downline and also my sister-in-law.  Her blog is very new but she is giving it a red hot go!  

Danneil - Dan is a blog buddy of mine.  We got chatting via email some time ago.  Dan does REALLY REALLY nice work!  She's recuperating from an op at the moment but I can't wait to see some more of her stuff once she is back on her feet and stampin' again!

Chrissie - Chrissie is another Brisbane demonstrator and we check out each others' blogs regularly.  We even got to meet and swap briefly at the last training event - hope you are coming to Convention next year Chrissie so I can chat to you a bit more!

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Danneil Linardi said...

When I got up this morning and checked your blog what did I see? I had to look twice because I couldn't believe it!! You are so very generous Bec. I feel like I don't deserve this award because I have been "blog absent" for a while but I really appreciate that you think that my work is worthy and just love having you as my cyber buddy.