Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leaving Comments

Well, I just realised that I had not enabled a setting for non-blogspot users to leave comments. Sorry everyone! Now anyone can leave a comment - you don't have to be registered with Blogger or anything. In fact, the first person to leave a comment under this post will receive a little treat in the mail! (If I don't have your address I will email you to ask for it, ok?)


maiahs_momma said...

Hi, love your blog...just found it not too long ago. Hope you are having a super day :)!


aim said...

Your blog is lovely .. i'm going to case the thinking of you card from your regional training! Thanks from up over here in Canada!

aim said...

Hello from Canada!
Your blog is very cute .. I'm going to case your thinking of you card from the regional seminar today!

Kim said...

Hi, am loving your blog. It's great being kept up to date with what's happening so easily. Looking forward to the new mini cat.

Kristy said...

Hi Bec. Very impressive blog! I can't believe how organised you are keeping it up-to-date!

magicmariel said...

Great blog Bec- and Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you get lots of gorgeous cards:)