Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More of the first tutorial...

Ok, Toby is asleep, the kitchen is tidy and the floors have been mopped - phew! Now I can upload some more of the tutorial for you.

The next part of our project is to mount the Marigold Morning onto the Old Olive and paper pierce the corners.

To do the paper piercing you will need your mat pack and paper piercer. Simply line the piercing guide up over the cardstock so that you can pierce through the holes. Make sure you put the foam mat underneath so you don't damage your table. I have pierced 7 holes around each corner.

Now mount your piece of faux metal onto your Marigold Morning and Old Olive squares.

Our next step is to make a scalloped edge from Marigold Morning cardstock. For this you will need your slit punch.
*Tip* You can also make scalloped edges using the corner rounder punch by removing the guide from the punch. It will give a slightly different scalloped edge but still very pretty.

To make the scalloped edge you insert the cardstock so that the bottom edge is touching the bottom of the punch and the side edge of the cardstock is level with the bottom corner of the semi-circle of the slit punch. (Gee that is really hard to explain in words - lucky I have pictures for you!)

Once you have punched the first semi_circle, move your punch along so that the edge of the punch lines up with the edge of the semi-circle you've already punched. (Once again, thank goodness for digital camers!)

Keep doing this until you get all the way to the other side. Now pull your cardstock apart and you will have a handy-dandy scalloped edge!

Alright, now all we have to do is stamp our sentiment and assemble our bits and pieces.

Adhere your faux metal piece to the front of the Ruby Red card, slightly towards the top to allow room for you sentiment.

Adhere your scalloped edge to the underside of the Ruby Red cardstock on the right-hand side.

Stamp your sentiment in Ruby Red ink.

The finished product! I cannot claim credit for this design - its was very much CASEd from the Impressions magazine that is sent to Stampin' Up! demonstrators each month. Why reinvent the wheel I say!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I look forward to doing another one soon.


malieta said...

I really enjoyed your tutorial!
I have to get that slit punch and I laughed when you replied "why invent the wheel" that was cute!

Laydiefa Raiza said...

hi, i put one of your mat pack image on my blog and linked it to here. I want to show the readers how does the piercing template looks like :)
hope you don't mind.